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Package Courier

This package includes a total investment of $ 10.00 to $ 100.00 by 24% per month.



This package includes the amount of investment from $ 101.00 to $ 500.00 by 26% per month.


Package Director

This package includes the amount of investment from $ 501.00 to $ 2000.00 at 28% per month.


Package Magnat

This package includes the amount of investment from $ 2001.00 to $ 50000.00 for 32% per month.



-Company for professionals and beginners.

-Priglashayte Partners, and receive a percentage of your partner's contribution, which will allow you to earn stably and without investment.

-Guarantee Disbursement of funds, at a time when, and how it is convenient to you.

-You Do not need to go anywhere, because all that is need is access to the Internet.

-stably Course, you have nothing to lose, it's not market, we do not change the profit rate of $.

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We work with the most popular and reliable payment systems

PerfectMoney - is a service that allows its users to make instant payments and financial transactions via the Internet and that opens unique possibilities for the Internet users and the owners of online-business. The aim of Perfect Money is to lead the Internet transactions to the highest level.

Bitcoin - is a virtual currency regulated only via the Internet, where bit stands for a unit of information. The main advantage of Bitcoin is that they cannot be overproduced for their supply growth is controlled by an algorithm and is not subordinated to any of the governments.

PAYEER - is an international electronic payment system. To be more exact, its a full-fledged payment portal with fast registration, convenient interface, versatile facilities and functions in demand.

What countries citizens can participate?

What are the minimal and the maximal deposits?